Fairbridge Partners is a domestic entity interested in expanding its current U.S. real estate portfolio at the rate of $100-$150 million annually.  With a strong balance sheet and willingness to guarantee debt, we are at the forefront of every deal possible.  Our strengths include our prior mentioned strong balance sheet, our ability to make quick decisions, our creativity in making deals work, and openness to all markets (primary, secondary, and tertiary markets all over the U.S.).

Our buying criteria is as follows:

  • $15-$70 million assets (will go higher for the right deal)

  • 7-8% cap rate or higher, depending on the market

  • Office, industrial, health care, and senior housing projects

  • Single and multi-tenant assets

  • No limitation to the location of the market

Fairbridge Partners currently owns over $350 million in commercial real estate assets and looks to grow its portfolio by $100-$150 million per year.

Please contact us with any suitable opportunities in your market.